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Heather [userpic]
FFAT and a Behind the Scenes Look
by Heather (herspace)
at November 5th, 2008 (06:32 pm)

At "The Little Princess"
by Frances Hodgeson Burnett

Come take a look this FFAT at the LHUCA and find out whats been going on with LCT's production of The Little Princess. We have photography by Jacie Hood, art work inspired by "The Little Princess" by Genny Pape and Marc Watson, as well as others. Come see a 3 D model of the set and behind the scenes photos of the rehearsal process.

Meet and greet some of the cast and crew and see what its like behind the scenes of a full fledged production.

6:00-9:00 PM at the Firehouse Theatre at LHUCA Ave K and 4th Street.

And dont worry its free and amazing, take the trolley ride around downtown and take in as many galleries as you can in one night!!!!!

Heather [userpic]
Audition Notice
by Heather (herspace)
at October 12th, 2008 (10:50 am)

Lubbock Community Theatre announces auditions for
"A Little Princess"  directed by Heather Rushing
Audition dates are Monday & Tuesday, October 13, 14 at 7:00 at the LCT Boston Avenue Playhouse at 4230  Boston Avenue.
    Performance dates are December 5-7, 12-14.  There will be a total of 8 performances including Saturday and Sunday matinees.
    Roles available: 
    10 girls --ages 7-15
    2 boys--ages 7-15
    4 adults female roles
    5 adult male roles
    Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. If your child is worried about reading from the script, it is suggested that he/she bring a short poem or short monolgue to perform.
    There is one singing role-and that role is the role of Sara Crewe
    "A Little Princess" is based on the beloved children's story by Frances Hodgson Burnett and was later adapted into a Shirley Temple movie.
    When her mother dies, Sara Crewe is sent from India, where she was born, to a private school in London.  She is banished to the garret when news arrives of her father's loss of fortune and his disappearance. With a creative imagination and sprited optimism, Sara survives to become an inspiration to boys and girls everywhere.
    This is a perfect show for the entire family.
    If  you have anybody that you think would be interested in this , please tell them about the auditions and if they have questions, they can call Heather at 474-2995 or email her at h.rushing@gmail.com
    "A Little Princess" will be presented at the Underwood Center for the Arts in the beautiful Firehouse Theatre.

Been there, done with that. [userpic]
by Been there, done with that. (gazouiller)
at September 20th, 2008 (02:01 pm)

Would anyone like to take over this community? I know there are not very many members, but I don't live in Lubbock anymore and maybe someone could fix this place up. Let me know!

Lubbock - Real Estate
by marcdorris (marcdorris)
at October 11th, 2007 (02:38 pm)
current location: Lubbock

 Hello!!  I am a Realtor in lubbock, Texas.  I would like the opportunity to help you with your real estate needs and questions.  If you have questions please feel free to ask.  If you are interested in buying or selling a home please contact me.

dabroots [userpic]
Austin during spring break?
by dabroots (dabroots)
at March 3rd, 2007 (06:26 pm)

So . . . anybody heading toward Austin for spring break? I'm one those people here in Lubbock who doesn't have a car. I might like to go to Austin for something on the night of Saturday, March 17. I'll help pay for gas.

dabroots [userpic]
your dusty town on the south plains
by dabroots (dabroots)
at December 7th, 2006 (02:32 am)

Hey, I'm moving there to Lubbock a few days after Christmas for a job at the university.

Tell me about the place.

I'm a seriously grown-up grownup, by the way, not a student.

Heather [userpic]
by Heather (herspace)
at August 6th, 2006 (12:12 am)

current mood: calm
current song: decemberists-engine driver

Do people even use that term any more? I havent actually  heard it since my old starcraft addiction days.

Hmm, well it seems I will soon be making my home in Lubbock Tx. As of next weekend to be exact. Thanks to you who put together a communty. I was slightly worried I would find a dead place with no one and nothing. That is debateable and I am not ready to make such a decision as of yet without first getting to know the lay of tha land and the people that reside within. Or letting it get to know me as it were.

Hmm, so any art majors, teachers, activists, unwilling music snobs, or lovers of "good" books and cheap wine? None are requirements, but it certianly gives us something to talk about.

Any specific places I should check out? Are there any live music venues at all there? jazz, blues, indie crap? I am slightly picky but feel my choices will be limited since I have been used to dallas/fort worth.

Oh and good out of the way book stores? Coffee places that arent starbucks? Yes I am the cliche person who doesnt care for starbucks.

Been there, done with that. [userpic]
First post.
by Been there, done with that. (gazouiller)
at September 7th, 2005 (07:24 pm)

current mood: hopeful

I just created this community, and I'm not even from Lubbock. Yet, anyway. I currently live in San Antonio, but will more than likely be moving to Lubbock in a few months.

I don't know anything about the place, and was bummed to find that there wasn't a craigslist or lj community for Lubbock. So I made this community & hopefully people who live in Lubbock, have lived in Lubbock, or are just interested in Lubbock will join & fill me in.

I'm really interested in websites that have good job listings, enertainment, & going to school there.

Hope to see more people around here soon!

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